Psoriasin also known as coal tar is a byproduct during the processing of coal. The main use of Psoriasin is reduce the symptoms of psoriasis. Note that this product is not designed to treat psoriasis. Its main role is to reduce psoriasis symptoms temporarily. Psoriasin can also be used to treat other symptoms but it’s commonly associated with psoriasis.

What you need to know about Psoriasin

People who are allergic to Psoriasin or coal tar are discouraged to use this product. It’s important to inquire from your physician before using coal tar. You should give the doctor your medical history and most importantly inform him whether you are allergic to drugs. If you are under medication for psoriasis, you should also inform your physician. When using Psoriasin, you need to stay away from UV rays including tanning beds and sunlight. The use of Psoriasin can increase your sensitivity to sunlight and this may result to sunburns.

Anytime you experience swelling, burning and severe stinging amongst other irritations in your skin when using Psoriasin, contact your physician immediately and stop the dose. Psoriasin isn’t meant to be used in large skin areas or for long periods of time. If psoriasis symptoms increase or don’t reduce after using Psoriasin, contact your doctor immediately. Psoriasin should not be used as a cure for the skin condition; it only temporarily relieves you from the symptoms of the disease. So what is psoriasis?

This is a skin condition that results into skin irritation and redness and common with people aged between 15yrs and 35yrs. The larger population suffering from psoriasis has silver white patches and a red thick skin. Psoriasis can also be called plaque psoriasis.

Causes of Psoriasis

There isn’t a certain cause known yet for psoriasis. Nevertheless, doctors believe it is caused by the lack of proper interpretation of dangerous substances by the immune system. The immune system mistakenly act on healthy cells as it would to foreign substances. Though psoriasis is very common, it cannot be spread to other people.

Normally, there are new skin cells that appear on the surface of your skin each month from deep inside the skin. In people suffering from this disease, this process is faster. The skin therefore doesn’t have enough time to get rid of the dead skin cells. These cells accumulate in the process. There are a couple of triggers that may lead to psoriasis or make it difficult to manage the disease. They include

A dry skin or an environment with dry air

Skin injuries, i.e. insect bites, burns and cuts.

Exposure to limited sunlight

Viral infections or bacteria

Over consumption of alcohol

Generally, people with a weak immune system may risk severe psoriasis.

Symptoms of psoriasis

Psoriasis appearance may be slow or sudden. In many cases, it disappears and reappears often. The use of Psoriasin can greatly reduce these symptoms.

  • Silver-white patches on your skin and a red irritated skin. The most affected parts are the knees and elbows. Psoriasin relieves you from these symptoms.
  • You can see red patches in your entire body even in your scalp. Use Psoriasin to treat this.
  • Your skin may become thick and raised, reddish –pinkish in color and dry with scales. This can happen in one part of your body or in your whole body, and the use of Psoriasin can relieve you from this.

There are other symptoms, which may be observed, but since they can also be out of some other disease, it’s better to see a physician.

Types of Psoriasis

Before purchasing Psoriasin to relieve you from the above-mentioned symptoms, you need to know the five major types of psoriasis.

Plaque- It’s common in psoriasis patients, and they experience a thick red skin full of flaky scales. Psoriasin can be recommended for this condition.

Inverse- It’s symptoms, which include skin irritation and redness are experienced in the groin area and armpits. Nevertheless, Psoriasin shouldn’t be used in the rectal and groin areas.


Guttate- The skin exhibits tiny pinkish reddish spots.

Erythrodermic- The symptom, a red skin, is observed in large areas.


Normally, a qualified physician is capable of identifying the disease by skin observation. If the symptoms match other skin disorders, your physician may decide to do a skin biopsy. He may recommend Psoriasin if you are found suffering from the condition.

Treatment of Psoriasis

You need to know that psoriasis is a lifelong disease and can only be treated by controlling the symptoms with the use of skin lotions, shampoos, creams and ointments such as Psoriasin. The problem may disappear and then reappear after a lengthy time. Patients who follow a good treatment plan such as using Psoriasin, end up living  healthy. The disease doesn’t interfere with your physical health.

Generally, your physician may recommend one of the three treatment options. He can recommend a topical treatment such as using Psoriasin, a systematic treatment such as injections or phototherapy.

If your doctor advises youto use a tropical treatment, then be sure,you willneed to use something that is applied to your skin such as Psoriasin.In fact,most patients are encouraged to use this method. You can use dandruff shampoos, creams, moisturizers or ointments. with your physical health.

If you are advised to use a systemic treatment program, then know you will have to take medicines. Most of the time this treatment method is recommended for patients suffering from severe psoriasis. The medicines are aimed at suppressing your immune systems; defective response. The most common medicines used are cyclosporine, retinoids and methotrexate. If these medicines don’t work, your doctor may recommend biologics.

When your doctor decided phototherapy, then you will be exposed to artificial Ultra-Violet light carefully. This can be performed alone or after taking some medicine that increases your skin’s sensitivity to light. To treat psoriasis using phototherapy, you need ultraviolet B or A. Sometimes your doctor may recommend alternative treatment methods such as antibiotics or home care. In-home care, you may be required to use other products such as oatmeal in your bath, exposure to sunlight and relaxation.